Marriage/Relationship is an Assignment.

Relationship/marriage is spiritual, so you should let God lead you in every step. Dnt rush or get enticed by material things. Seek God and give it time.

You must first discover whom you are b4 looking for a partner; first step and very important. 

You must not start relationship when you are not ready for marriage.

Your purpose and dat of ur partner must align with each other. Marrying someone with same purpose is very important cox both of you are moving in the same direction. You cannot enter ring road bus to go meet someone at oluku. Both of you should have a similar goal.

Now marrying someone with similar purpose does not mean dat a banker must marry a banker, pastor must marry a pastor etc. No! 

I think it entails moving along with his/her purpose.

You are a teacher and ur spouse is a travelling person but you are ok with it. You are a business tycoon and ur partner is a barrister or politician but you are cool with it., you dnt hv issues with it. Both of you can help each other to do it better and grow. My dear a hair stylist can marry a bishop and both of them work together and think alike to achieve their goal and God-given purpose. Can two walk together lest they agree?

If u knw ur partner’s purpose and you are ok with it, u should also help to pursue and built it.

Marriage is an assignment not an achievement. A man on assignment shud go for a woman on assignment. Cux wen you marry her, you are fulfilling purpose and wen both of you align, think alike and carry out your assignment together, you are fulfilling destiny.

God bless you…

We are preparing to give you an explosion on relationship…

All you need to do is to stay connected to


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